Pharos Sirius Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: February 27th, 2014 [ Patch 2.1 ]
Pharos Sirius
Overview & Summary
Pharos Sirius Dungeon Guide

Dungeon Info

Level Location Size Time Limit
50 Western La Noscea 4 Players 90 Minutes

Pharos Sirius requires you to have completed to main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon" and have an ilvl of 48+.  It is unlocked by completing the quest "Sirius Business" from Diamanda @ X26, Y26 Western La Noscea.


  • Before the first boss, Sirius Elbst will use flash flood, a high damage frontal cone.
  • Fallen Sailors on the ground will rise up and fight when you get close. Focus down Zombie Barbers first and interrupt Putrid Cloud to prevent them from healing.
  • Interrupt Banish III when fighting Corrupted Sprites.
  • Corrupted Pudding will cast Divide, which appears to spawn small puddings while the Corrupted Pudding is still alive. Kill it quickly or stun Divide. (Interruptable?)

Symond the Unsinkable

  • Abilities in this encounter add a stack of Corrupting Crystal to each player. At three stacks, it will explode, dealing damage to all nearby players.
  • Stay spread out, avoid the long, narrow column attack, and kill the hounds as quickly as possible to limit stacks.
  • When the large circles appear, quickly move to one side of the room. It can be beneficial for the ranged to go to one side, while the melee go to the other to prevent an explosion from killing everyone. These circles will leave a persistant yellow pool which adds more stacks of the debuff.
  • If you reach 3 stacks of the debuff, run away from everyone. Since you are at 3 stacks, you can run into the yellow pool if you have to.
  • Around 15% HP, either use the melee LB to end the boss, or use the caster LB to kill the 3-4 hounds that spawn.


  • Tank: Face the boss away from the group.
  • Healer: Be prepared for a lot of AoE healing.
  • There are two types of eggs, spotted and plain. The plain eggs spawn an add that does a minor AoE while the spotted eggs spawn an add that channels onto a player.
  • Ignore the eggs until the emote "The egg is threatening to hatch," which will cause 2-3 eggs to start to glow purple. Only kill one of them. If one of them is a spotted egg, kill it. If more than one is killed, Zu will bodyslam a party member, which can easily kill someone.
  • When Zu flies into the air, kill any adds that are alive. While in the air, Zu will place ground effects under the tank.


  • Tank: Face the boss away from the group and pick up the Sailor adds.
  • Move out of the circular AoE that appears under Tyrant during Bombination.
  • The boss seems to have quite low HP. Either AoE the adds with the boss or just burn the boss down.


  • Tank: Position the boss near the center of the room and be ready to pick up the Zombie Storm Privates. Kite the Zombie Storm Sergeants.
  • Healer: A debuff, Siren Song (Ghost Face Icon), will be placed on random party members. You have 12 seconds to heal them to full HP or they will become charmed for a period of time. You should also remove the bleed debuff, which is applied to the tank periodically.
  • Along with Storm Privates, Zombie Storm Sergeants will also spawn. These will slowly move towards a target and should be kited while the DPS kill them. If they reach their target, they will stun them.
  • When Siren vanishes, she will either appear in the center of the room or on an edge. If she is in the middle, stack on top of her to avoid getting hit with an AoE Siren Song debuff. If she is on an edge, move out from in front of her to avoid a charge.
  • Interrupt Lunatic Voice to avoid an AoE healing reduction debuff. It is remove it with Esuna/Leeches if it does go off.

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